Liz's CSI Fiction

Under the Radar (121 KB)

Summary: Evidence on a case stirs up memories for Grissom, long thought buried. Pairing: G/S
Rating: PG for language and subject matter

Flashes of Avoidance (87 KB)

Summary: Grissom battles his past.
Rating: NC-17
Where this fits: following "Nesting Dolls" and after Under the Radar (fan fic)
Summary: Sara has 3 days of deserved day off, unfortunately, they proof to be complicated for Grissom.
Pairing: G/S
Rating: R
Where this fits: following Flashes of Avoidance

The Puzzle (8 KB)

Summary: A simple game brings back a memory for Grissom that really throws him. (CSI Fiction Challenge)
Pairing: G/S
Rating: R
Where this fits: a challenge by Ms. Grits

Bugs and Horses (32 KB)

Summary: Grissom and Sara go to Arizona for a weekend. (Response to an outlined challenge)
Pairing: G/S

Glimpses Through the Forest (251 KB)

Summary: Grissom has a rough week and loses his way.
Rating: M (Rating M for language, sex and crime scenes)
Pairing: Grissom, Sara

Love Letters
(137 KB)

Summary: Grissom finds a new way to communicate.
Rating: NC-17 (This story will require password access. Please contact for access. An age statement will be required.)
Pairing: Grissom, Sara

Captured By The Past
(391 KB)

Summary: Grissom comes to terms with his past. Yes, life does go on.
Rating: R (for angst and subject matter)
Warning: character death.
Pairing: Grissom, Sara
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